Solutions – Security

Data Loss Prevention


TDArx has partnered with Safetica® to protect your business data.

Quickly identify threats and vulnerabilities

Identify where leaks could happen; prevent data from escaping whether it's in use, in motion, or at rest; and secure all of your sensitive data companywide.

Simplify your regulatory compliance

Comply with changing HIPAA, SOX, and PCI regulations by encrypting data, preventing sensitive data from escaping, and even limiting what can be printed.

Protect all company devices

Works on phones, tablets, and PCs, so you can get alerts and even adjust data security from your phone. We can prevent sensitive data being copied to phones and tablets.

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Managed Network Security

Why should TDArx Manage your Business' Security?

Make sure that your company and client's information is not exposed to Ransomware, Spyware, Worms, Trojans, Key Loggers, and more. TDArx's Managed Security Service will protect your network with all-inclusive network protection.

On-Premise Security

TDArx provides video surveillance solutions to keep your business safe and provide real time business intelligence utilizing state-of-the-art video security systems. Knowing what is happening on your premise will provide your customer's and staff security and you peace of mind.

Benefits of using IP Based surveillance systems:

Cal. Civ. Code ยง 1798.102 - Do Not Sell My Personal Information