Cisco: Voice and IP Communications

Billing and Measurements Server

Cisco Billing and Measurements Server

Collects, formats, and stores billing and measurements data from the Cisco PGW 2200 Media Gateway Controller.

Cisco CallManager

Cisco CallManager is the software-based call-processing component of the Cisco IP telephony solution, part of Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data).

CallManager Attendant Console

Cisco CallManager Attendant Console

IP-based attendant console to quickly answer and dispatch calls.

CallManager Express

Cisco CallManager Express

Cisco IOS Software based call processing for Cisco IP phones.

Conference Connection

Cisco Conference Connection

IP-based audio conferencing system.

IP-based audio conferencing system

Cisco Conferencing and Transcoding Feature for Voice Gateway Routers

Conference and transcode capability in Cisco IOS gateways using the NM-HDV and NM-HDV-FARM.

Emergency Responder

Cisco Emergency Responder

IP-based solution to identify location of 911 callers.

Cisco Fax Server

The Cisco® Fax Server is an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage fax and e-document delivery solution that helps enterprises integrate voice, fax, data, and desktop applications for powerful IP Communications.

Gatekeeper External Interface

Cisco Gatekeeper External Interface

External interface using the Cisco Gatekeeper Transaction Message Protocol (GKTMP) and application programming interface.

Gatekeeper/Multimedia Conf Manager

Cisco Gatekeeper/Multimedia Conference Manager

Enables administrators to support H.323 applications without impacting mission-critical network functions.

ICS 7750 Software

Cisco ICS 7750 Software

Cisco IOS Software for the Cisco ICS 7750 Integrated Communications System.

IP Manager Assistant

Cisco IP Manager Assistant

Personal call rules, speech recognition, enhanced text-to-speech (TTS) functionality, and productivity services for Cisco IP phones.

IP SoftPhone

Cisco IP SoftPhone

Cisco IP Softphone provides state of the art communication capabilities that increase personal efficiency and promotes collaboration.

Cisco IPCC Enterprise Edition

Cisco IPCC Enterprise Edition segments customers, monitors resource availability, and delivers each contact to the most appropriate resource anywhere in the enterprise.

Cisco IPCC Express Edition

Cisco IPCC Express Edition meets the needs of departmental, enterprise branch, or small to medium-size companies planning to deploy an entry-level or mid-market contact center solution.

MGCP Phone Software

Cisco MGCP IP Phone Software

Uses MGCP for call control and basic telephony eXtensible markup language (BTXML) for control of the phone's displays and feature keys.

Cisco Media Gateway Controller Software

Performs call processing, protocol conversion, and call switching and routing functions.

Cisco MeetingPlace

Fully integrated voice, video and Web conferencing.

MeetingPlace Express

Cisco MeetingPlace Express

More Effective Voice and Web Conferencing.

Personal Assistant

Cisco Personal Assistant

Personal call rules, speech recognition, and productivity services for IP phones.

SIP IP 7960 Software

Cisco SIP IP Phone 7960 Software

Enables organizations and service providers to use Cisco 7940 and 7960 IP Phone platforms in any standard SIP network.

Cisco SIP Proxy Server

Call control software package enabling service providers to build scalable, reliable VoIP networks.

SRS Telephony

Cisco SRS Telephony

Redundancy feature enabling routers to support Cisco IP phone call handling capabilities; ensures continuous IP Telephony service in the event of a CallManager/WAN outage.

Cisco TCL Scripts for IOS Gateways

Cisco Tool Command Language (TCL) Interactive for Cisco IOS Gateways.


Cisco Unity

Voice mail and unified messaging for enterprise businesses.

Cisco Unity Express

Fully Integrated Voice Mail and Auto Attendant Services for SMBs and Branch Offices.

Cisco Unity® Connection

Improve Messaging and Call Management.

VT Advantage

Cisco VT Advantage

Cisco VT Advantage is a video telephony solution comprising the Cisco VT Advantage software application and Cisco VT Camera, a video telephony USB camera.

Cisco Voice Provisioning Tool

Simplified Administration of IP Communications Systems.


Cisco WebAttendant

Cisco WebAttendant Replacing the traditional PBX manual attendant console, the Cisco WebAttendant provides a flexible and scalable IP-based solution.

Voice Interworking

Voice Interworking Service Module Software

Enables the transport of digitized voice signals as VoIP packets over an ATM network; must be supported in the Cisco MGX 8000 Series Carrier Voice Gateway.

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