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Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch

The Cisco BTS 10200 Softswitch provides call-control intelligence for establishing, maintaining, routing, and terminating voice calls.

Cisco Call Session Control Platform

Cost-Effective Multimedia Service Delivery.

Cisco EGW 2200 Enterprise Gateway

It is clear that enterprise customers are now in the midst of migrating from legacy TDM PBXs to IP-based communications systems.

Cisco Gatekeeper/Multimedia Conference Manager

Cisco Multimedia Conference Manager (MCM) provides a network administrator the ability to identify H.323 traffic and apply appropriate policies.

Call Manager

Cisco CallManager is the software-based call-processing component of the Cisco IP telephony solution.

Call Manager Express

Call Manager Express

Cisco CallManager Express is a solution embedded in Cisco IOS Software that provides call processing for Cisco IP phones.

Mobile Manager

Cisco MobilityManager

Call Routing Made Simple.

Cisco PGW 2200 Softswitch

The Cisco PGW 2200 (formerly known as the Cisco VSC 3000) is a carrier-class call agent that performs the signaling and call-control tasks (such as digit analysis, routing, circuit selection, and more) within the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) gateway infrastructure.

SIP Proxy Server

Cisco SIP Proxy Server

The Cisco SIP Proxy Server is a call control software package that enables service providers to build scalable, reliable Voice over IP networks today.

Cisco SRS Telephony

So staff can serve customers and conduct business without interruption, companies need their branch-office staff to have use of their telephone system at all times.

Cisco Signaling Controllers

The Cisco SC2200 combined with the AS5X00 gateways give service providers around the world a proven cost-saving and reliable solution for connecting VoIP and dial access solutions to the PSTN via SS7/C7.

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