Workstation FAQs

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. My PC is frozen still I can't do anything?
A.First press control+alt+delete at the same time to bring up the task manager. In the task manager you can end certain task that you think might be causing the freeze. If this doesn't work you can press control+alt+delete a 2nd time and this will do a system reboot which in windows almost always fixes any problems.


Q. My PC is running really slow now, it never ran this slow before, I think maybe one of my children's music or game programs is causing my computer to not work as fast?
A. This question is asked a lot...the answer almost 99% of the time is no those programs are not causing your pc to be running slow. This could be a spam/malware attack which can be fixed by downloading many free versions etc. malwarebytes, adware and so forth. Also a system defrag is always a plus. To defrag you will need to navigate to start and search files and folders and type defrag. The reason we search for it is because on different PC's defrag is located in different locations.


If you have any questions regarding or need assistance with the above listed steps, call 1-336-896-0808 for service and a customer service representative will assist you. Thank you.

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