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Q. How do I set which printer Windows uses as default?
A. When you use your account to log into a computer that isn't connected to your default printer, windows may set the default printer for your account to "Microsoft Office Document Image Writer" If this happens, when you return to a computer connected to the printer you normally use, you may find that you are prompted to "save as" when you attempt to print. This is a normal function of the Microsoft Office Document Image Writer, as it is a virtual printer attempting to save an image of the print job. To avoid this, and avoid having to manually choose the correct printer each time you want to print you can set your default printer back to the printer you normally use.

To set your default printer:

  1. Click on "Start" then choose "printers and faxes" (in some Windows XP desktop configurations you will need to click "Start" then choose "control panels" and then select "printers and faxes.")
  2. Right click on the printer that you would like to set as default
  3. From the menu that appears select "set as default"

A small check mark will appear over your default printer. The next time you open a program to print from, it will use use your default printer unless you select a different printer.

If you have any questions regarding or need assistance with the above listed steps, call 1-336-896-0808 for service and a customer service representative will assist you. Thank you.

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