Internet Connections FAQs

Frequent Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have a red X located over my local area connection stating network cable is unplugged?
A.Check to see if your cable came unplug from the back of your PC or laptop. Also your modem/router/switch/hub/wireless Access point may have been turned off.

Q.Why do I have a yellow triangle with and explanation point over my local area connection stating limited or no connectivity?
A. First thing we will try is to release your current ip and try to renew your ip to do this in a Windows operating system etc. XP, Vista go to start then run in the run box type cmd, a black dos prompt box appears. In this box we type ipconfig/release and press enter, then after this is finished we will type ipconfig/renew and press enter this will give our PC a new IP address. If you still get a limited or no connectivity call your local ISP or network administrator.


If you have any questions regarding or need assistance with the above listed steps, call 1-336-896-0808 for service and a customer service representative will assist you. Thank you.

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