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Frequent Asked Questions

Q. When I send a message from Webmail, why are several copies sometimes sent?
A. This is probably because after sending the message you pressed your browser's Back or Refresh buttons. This causes your browser to repeat its last operation. To get back to your inbox in Webmail, always click on the Inbox button.

Q. How do I keep Outlook from infecting my machine with a virus?
A. It's virtually impossible for Outlook to infect a machine with a virus all by itself. Most Outlook-related viruses spread because the user opened a file attachment that carried a virus payload. Practice safe computing: Don't open unsolicited attachments, even from people you know. It's also a good idea to tighten the security settings in Outlook and keep up with the Internet Explorer fixes that affect HTML mail and other Internet-related features in Outlook. See:

Q. Cannot receive emails using Outlook / Outlook Express
A. Use the correct Mail Client settings:

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